Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Narrabeen Beach

Hi, Friends, are you enjoying autumn or spring?
We, Australians are at the beginning of spring. Today, I'll take you to my favorite spot, Narrabeen beach in Sydney.
I sketched a rough sea from the car below. It was a storm. Wild waves caught my eyes and heart. There, I listen to the voice of waves. Sometimes, they cry, weep, laugh, giggle etc, etc. Probably, it's up to a listener's feelings. I have a CD that mixes the sounds of waves with "Pachelbel's Canon." Simple and endless. I listen to it for hours.
If a weather allows me, I always enjoy swimming. Narrabeen beach has big waves and surfers love there.
Little Sadami wondered why an ocean has so beautiful, dark, but a bit sad, greeny blue. I thought... a sky fell in love with an ocean. The ocean, too. But they could not become "one" and turned to be so blue.
...ocean rolls make anyone sentimental and a poet?!

I often walk up this stairway to enjoy a beautiful overview of the sea. Many athletes and joggers love these steps.
Anyway, enjoy Narrabeen beach!
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