Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Sketching in the Royal Botanic Gardens on Saturday, we all gathered along the Spring Walk. Just beautiful - pink blossom on the trees, white May blossom, a huge variety of spring flowers and then at the front wonderful border plants like these polyanthus. I was daunted by the panorama so this is what I drew.

At lunch, hopeful ibis came around and were being chased away by some people, but I drew them very quickly. They weren't getting anything to eat, so they moved off quite fast.

After lunch I couldn't decide what to draw so I just settled down near some friends. Just for fun I drew blind contour tulips - the paint wasn't 'blind' but the drawing pretty much was. I didn't like them sitting on the page on their own, so I backed them with the lyrics of "Tiptoe though the Tulips."