Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi Everyone, I've just joined the blog. My name is Andrea, I live in regional WA, so the urban part of my sketching isn't as regular as I would like. I've been sketching people in public places on and off for years. Sometimes the 'off' period is quite a number of years. I hope contributing to this great blog will spur me on through those dull periods. You can see my drawings on

Here are a couple of oldies. Cafe's have been great places to draw people. People sit still long enough, and there's often the intimacy of the sketcher and sketchee(s) both being private in a public space. The first drawing was in a cafe in a small nearby city called Bunbury, and the second was drawn at the Hare Krishna restaurant in Northbridge (Perth). What I like about the Hare Krishna drawing is observing how uncomfortable it can be to share space with strangers sometimes. From memory it was their awkward body language that caught my attention.

I think it's the intimacy of life I like to draw. The close up rather than the wide view. Drawing the police state that Perth is at the moment during CHOGM could make for some interesting drawings for an artist interested in that sort of thing. I'm just glad I'm a couple of hundred km's away.