Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Make Chalk Art: Parramatta Chalk Festival

Hi, Friends, how have you been?
In between a busy studio work, for these years, I've been sketching
Chalk Urban Art Festival (Oct 13-16) in Parramatta. It is the big competition that has a BIG cash prize! 32 artists from all over Australia created some amazing food-inspired artworks. All artists work so hard. I love them all. NOTE: "Chalk" is, in fact, "Pastel."

This year's theme was food.
This is the winner, Jennifer
McCracken who took home the $3,000 prize for her artwork Freedom of the Species Begins on your Plate. She worked till the late 10 o'clock. I sketched her in darkness. Do you know? Jenny worked till 2 in the morning last year. Amazing artist!This is the Best 2D prize winner, Adam Celeban. (His art works are absolutely lovely!! Go and have a look!) This is Arto who won "ISS Security Guards' Choice 2011."
Mostly, cloudy and very light rain, even though the sun came up.
Here, very interesting techniques for chalk or "PASTEL."

1) Stretching Canvas

Because of moisture in the air, canvases get buckled on pavements. Taping down, water spraying canvases, etc, etc. The best way is to stretch
the huge canvas first or before getting on work.
2) Strings For Straight Lines
Strings are more handy and practical than scales.

3) 3D Composition
Images on a ground are distorted for viewers. In order to achieve a normal image, paradoxically, length and height get looooooong.

4) Use Bamboos for Brushes Bamboos or long sticks are very good tools to prevent back or neck pains. Furthermore, an artist can easily step back and check an ongoing work. 5) Hands Spread Chalk
OK, Girls, we know how to
spread flour on a cutting board. That's the way! Hands and fingers spread chalk on a canvas. Artists painstakingly repeat the process over and over again.

6) Second Wind Available
Unlike watercolor, changing colors and drawings is very easy.
7) Home-Made Chalk
An artist said he
made it by himself. Yes, pastels cost too much for a massive work. According to the artist, only a few cents were cost for a piece of chalk. Easy "piecy"?! Each chalk artist's style is very varied. Very fascinating, even though I still do not get chalk painting in general.
In my eyes, all big names were so humble and respected others.

Another wonderful thing is that we all artists agree at this point ; joy in painting and drawing. Colorful joys poured over walkways.
Hey, beer, wine and nice food tasted soooo good at a pub after a hard work. Great socialization.

Friends, come join the event a next year!! Yeah!!
Happy painting!