Monday, October 24, 2011

Urban Sketchers makes the world even smaller!

111022_02  Morning at T2 View

I knew it would happen one day that I would be caught sketching by someone that knew me through Urban Sketchers and I also guessed that it might be at T2 teahouse since I know of at least one person that follows this blog that drinks there regularly... on Saturday, it happened .... and turned out to be more amazing than one would expect!

I was sitting in T2 sketching the view and the contents of my table when someone came up and asked "Are you Liz?"

Familiar Shoes!!!!

She then explained that she knew my work from online ...and not only that but she was friends with Wil Freeborn! I immediately looking down at her legs and said ...I have seen your legs(your stockings) before!?!.... Wil(who is the correspondent from Glasgow) had sketched them earlier this month here and so I knew that he had an art friend moving to Australia. In fact she is wearing the same I had to take a photo and the little fellow had to get in on the act!!!

How amazing is that!!!! Not only did someone know who I was, but I knew who they were! And just for the record, I am not in T2 THAT often....certainly not regularly so the chances of running into me there are not THAT high.
111022_01  Morning at T2
And of course, we are looking forward to having a new sketcher join our ranks!

The moral of the just never know who how many people out there have heard of Urban Sketchers!