Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Out and about on Saturday

111008 02 St Marys Combo
I will leave my Spring Sketchabout sketches for a separate post as I want to include some sketches that our fellow sketchings in SF Bay Area were doing on the same day... though of course they were autumn sketching!
I started the day with some warm up architectural sketches... trying a few alternative ways to sketch architecture these days rather than just trying for an elaborate facade sketch.

111008 06 Art gallery afternoon tea
After the sketchabout I popped into the art gallery for some solo sketching and a quiet cup of tea. Instead I ran into some of the sketchers from the garden so we had a lovely afternoon tea chatting about sketching! Having fun with a bit of collage....

111008 07 Art gallery bits
After they left I decided to do a few quick 'museum' sketches before i left (colour added later from iphone photos and memory)
111008 09 Final sketch
And then finally, I started to sketch this little fountain structure (I should look up what it is?) but the rain came down and I had to abandon it... maybe next visit to the garden I might get a chance to sketch it properly