Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gear Up New Year!

Hi, Friends, did you enjoy a festive season?
The last year was very fruitful for me. I used A4 sketch books, 13 to 14, plus,
many watercolour pads. I've begun to enjoy "wash" more and more, which needs qualified watercolour pads.

Last year, the most lovely challenging was to capture waves. Do you know? A sea changes colours, reflecting a sky. A stormy sea shows a dark, melancholic blue. On the other hand, a fine day, a sea shows a very bright greenish blue like a laughing cheerful girl.

But "people" are my most wonderful and favorite subjects. Like Meegan, I'd capture "snap shots of our everyday life" from a changing angle. Australia has colourful cultures and brilliant linguistic diversity. The aim of my posts is to demonstrate "what we are Australians" at grass roots level in Sydney, humorously and with humane eyes.While exploring the cultural and linguistic diversity, I'd show beautiful nature in Australia from micro to macro level.

Regarding architecture, my posts will highlight Australian history in Sydney. Technically, I've begun to get how to handle it. Mmmm...could be enlightening?! Putting colour amuzes me so much now. Practice, practice, practice!
But my very poor appetite for buildings is only the issue!?

Well, hopefully, I can carry out these resolutions...gulp?!? Friends, your cheers give me energy to go on.

Finally, thank you for other sketch club members who have shared time and fostered wonderful friendships. I heartily hope we will enjoy sketching more in 2012.
And a big bow for you, Friends, who have read our blog and cheered us up!!

Friends, Happy Painting in 2012!!


  1. happy new year sadami - your architecture sketches are very very good!!! Just think of a building as a person that doesn't move... each has a character (maybe not anywhere as interesting as a person!)

  2. Dear Liz,
    Happy Nerw Year to you, too.
    Thank you very much for kind cheers and thoughtful adivce. I'll try it, but architecture bores me. Hopefully, I'll enjoy sketching building with other members in 2012ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ.