Saturday, June 30, 2012

I've been so busy with Sketching Classes and the Studio lately that I felt it time to get back on Urban Sketchers.
Thanks Jennifer for reminding me.

Cockatoo Island is definitely urban. Several of us stayed 2 nights and 3 days and absolutely adored it. We had a great little routine going. Down to the cafe by 10am, a warm up sketch, then somewhere till lunchtime and another sketch till time for afternoon tea on the lawns of our house.

This place is so full of history and yet you look across to the city which is buzzing, and we are sitting in a place so quiet and serene, birds singing, the sun warming you. AAaaaaaahhh. In a way, we couldn't be further from all that over there, yet you can almost touch it.

The first sketch was a warm up while having morning coffee. The other is a mix of wee sketches as I tracked the others, obviously deeply absorbed in their work.

We are popping over in a week or so for the Biennale and it will be a very different but fabulous place to be back to again.

Our next Mini Sketch Trip will be Ettalong on the Central Coast, so I will definitely post some of those.