Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sydney Inkorporated

That's such a terrible heading... Anyway, apologies for not having contributed in awhile I have been holding off until I got my own blog sorted out.

After my success at Cockatoo Island I was keen to test it out some more - making sure it wasn't a fluke. I had  a quiet week so decided to head out around Sydney. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great - I think I had one or two days free of rain, but it was quite satisfying and am dying to get outdoors again.

St Stephens Cemetery, Newtown

National Maritime Museum

Macquarie Street

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Dixon Street, Chinatown

If anyone would like to see more of my colour inks please visit my blog  Cheers!


  1. wonderful Meegan . It Definitely was not a fluke!!!

    These are all very familiar places in Sydney, but your colour and line make me look at them differently !! WO

  2. hi Meegan - glad you posted some more of your wonderful wonderful ink drawings. These are totally amazing!!!!

    Very interesting to see your explorations in splotches vs lines vs colour. Keep it up and keep posting them here!

  3. Hi, Meegan,
    Very lovely work! Colours, lines are brilliant!! Congrats!

  4. Thanks girls! Bought some new colours the other week - just need the time and for it to stop raining to head out again!

  5. Hi,
    lovely work. I like all.
    very bold line and colour,Meegan.

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