Saturday, June 9, 2012

Music From Sydney

Hi, Friends, how have you been? 
This time, I'd send you music from Sydney. Hopefully, you can hear these musicians' beautiful sounds. Any music touches our hearts. It's a universal language like drawing and painting.

First, the quena player. What a dramatic moment! I've been waiting for his glimpse and caught it. He was in a folklore band. 

Second, the keyboard player and the singer in a gospel choir. Their passion moved me.  
Now, a guitarist. As I once played a guitar, I often look at a guitarist closely. 
This guy puts a "bottle neck" on the finger that "slides" sounds for bluse. Well, closely look at the guitar. Hey, it's a can! 
Can a can make a guitar?! Yes, it can. Ah, thank goodness for technology. You can plug in any instrument to a speaker that can make big sounds. 
Music is lovely and very interesting. Do you know? It's hard to tell music from language and vice versa. In my ears, both are so beautiful. Apart from a linguistic topic, let us enjoy playing instruments and sing together! 
Friends, Happy Painting and Joyful Singing!
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