Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brisbane, other urban sketching : Alissa Duke

Other sketches from my two weeks in Brisbane and travelling on the airplane. I did lots of other drawings as well, on planes, beaches at my friends apartment .  http://www.flickr.com/photos/alissaduke/

This is a lovely , but busy area in Brisbane, but I found a quiet place to sit before ork each day and sketch. I was fortunate to have lovely weather. The heat has not set in yet.

The view from my office window. Sketched in biro , over a few days, before anyone else arrived.

Walking along the bikeway on Coronation Drive on the way "home"from work. The light changed so quickly and I missed capturing  the colours I wanted to draw

The view from a friends verandah, looking over Bridbane city. Perhaps the sky as not that purple but the city silhouette was black.
On the bus from Toowoomba to Brisbane - other passengers - in pencil

and at the airport on the way home to Sydney ......(via Adelaide)

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