Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Parramatta, Sydney Second CBD (Part1)

Hi, Friends, how have you been? 
I'll take you for a walk in Parramatta around Town Hall, the station and a massive shopping mall on Church St.   
Today, now, you and me are standing before the Town Hall. Doesn't it look so significant and historical? Around Town Hall, there are a public library, old churches, many historical architectures, a big shopping mall and the station.
According to NSW State Gov, Parramatta - nominated as the second CBD for Sydney in 1968 - has been one of the successes of Sydney's centres policy (*CBD=Central Business District). The relocation of State and Federal Government jobs to Parramatta was the catalyst for its development. Thus, Parramatta is full of energy : commercial activities, civic and justice precincts.  
Well, after coffee with me, let's go for window shopping.  
Above, a snap shot of shops on Church St. The way straight takes you to the station. Below, a black and white.

Now, Parramatta station is large like Central Station in City. Parramatta lies at the geographical heart of Sydney and is well serviced by ferry, train, bus and road networks. That fact eloquently shows Parra's important role in public transportation and its brilliant capacity to carry both people and business. 
The Parramatta Regional Environmental Plan (REP) forecasts job potential at around 60,000 by 2021 and this is broadly consistent with more recent NSW Government projections. Parramatta has increased jobs in finance and business services and has upgraded cultural and river precincts.

Here we are at the huge shopping mall that stands high just above--or connected to the station. Be carefull not to get lost in it, too big! Let's go to the bridge between two big buildings. Yes, can you see a green line, the right hand of a watermark in the sketch? 
Hey, from here, you can enjoy a bird's eye view. See the people down on at traffic lights! (* I really enjoyed this sketching! Can you recognize the red public phones come up twice in both sketches?)  
Oh, you have to go home. Pick up a train? Take care. 
Church St is also called, an "EAT street". So, Friends, come again. Following posts, little by little, I'd show you nice restaurants, old churches, historical architectures, parks and interesting places in Parramatta!
Indeed, Parramatta has a long history in both colonization and Indigenous Ausrtalian, Aboriginal people.  
Already I  uploaded some sketches focused on Parramatta. 
In addition, I'm preliminary a "portraitist" and "picture book illustrator." If you'd like to enjoy my other work, come over, Sadami's Graffiti.
Friends, have a nice day. 
Come, visit Parra and sketch Sydney's "past, present and future"!