Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trying to mix Australian greens

After the initial buzz with markers, the challenge has now started to get more realistic colours without buying more colours. There is a huge range of colours in copic markers but I trying to limit what I carry around to between 15-20. Australian greens are NOT standard bright greens, are they, so the best way is always to mix. You can see where I have been mixing colours done the side.

Btw shocking changes this week.... I have taken my watercolour kit out of my bag (still have them with me in the car) and I am using a a4 size sketchbook with even thinner paper than the Canson universal book. This is in fact a moleskine cahier ( the thin paper). It is a strange feeling not to have my watercolours with me but I am having a little break from them and also from long sketching sessions – markers are quicker as there is no drying time. This was a quick 10-15min sketch this morning before work....I know I have done this view before!!!!

You can see how are using my markers in a plastic clip lock bag very conveninet in my front pocket of my bag.... By the way, I would love to see what everyone is using in their kit these days...(a photo is fine but it is more fun to draw it!!!)