Monday, September 24, 2012

Harvest Moon Celebrations

On Saturday I turned up for the lunar Moon Festival celebrations. It's largely to celebrate the change in the seasons and falls on the day the moon is at its highest and brightest in the sky. There are many legends that are attached with this too, but I think the one I was told is actually attached to a celebration in July.

Anyway, as a member of a martial arts school in Sydney we practice lion dancing. Most of our performances occur during the New Year Festival, but this is the other big one on our calendar. And we visit shops and restaurants in Chinatown wishing them good fortune, and they return the good fortune by giving us a red packet with money in it attached to a head of lettuce or choy. However, it is either tied at the top of the doorway or from the awning and the lion must retrieve it, even having to climb a 10 foot pole secured only by the grip of 6 guys.

If you would like to see more drawings from today please visit my blog site. Cheers!