Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rookwood Cemetery Open Day for Family Fun

Hi, Friends, have you ever played around in a huge cemetery~(*o*)~
Yes, we had a plenty of BOUNCING living souls on the grave yardʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ !! We, Sydney sketch club enjoyed "Rookwood Cemetery open day".
Well, this post is orginally at my own blog, Sadami's Graffiti. In the feedback, readers tell sensation, interest, freshness and, furthermore, great fun in this event! (*if you like, have a read of comments in my blog. Quite interesting!) 
So, I'll share this with you! Here we go!

The event includes a parade, a bus tour, heritage tours, birc-a-brac, grave digging demonstrations, entertainment, etc. All money raised, goes towards restoration projects within the Cemetery.
In the parade, a horse-drawn hearse carrying a coffin interested me most. Wow, gorgeous. The driver and people around me had fun together. (*all my sketches are A4.) 

There, the most cute and lovely character was this old bicycle riding gentleman with a lorikeet! Isn't he charming? The kind gentleman invited me for riding. (*I should have tried it!)  
I played up the guy's personality in the sketches. Other people around me said, "It's him! It's him!" Ahahahaha!

Also, white doves were released twice. May peace be on people and the earth. 
Traditional dancing was a very much fun. All the people were in retro costumes.The mood and movements fascinated me very much. This group members and I enjoyed a long chat.
Sketching always gives fresh ideas for illustration. Bald and brave. Light brush strokes in a quick movement make interesting references.

When the event was over, I sketched the cemetery. 
"How to live each moment," is my concern. I tell myself, "Everyday is my birthday!"

Friends, Happy Painting! 
Enjoy sketching!!