Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sydney Rocks!

January is a very happening time of year in Sydney in regards to visiting artists, musicians, exhibitions etc. I must have gotten a few invoices paid late last year as I bought so many tickets to see bands this month.

It started off with Swedish wild rockers, The Hives. Who were so manic on stage - they epitomise everything I love about rock and roll. Although they moved about the whole show I became more interested in drawing their facial expressions.

The Hives at the Metro

Then a week later I saw Weezer, who took over a decade to return to Australia from the U.S. One bonus about living in a country so far from our Northern friends, is that when they come to Australia, they tend to play a "greatest hits" set, because so many years have passed since they last toured.

Weezer at the Sydney Entertainment Centre
The next day I saw Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Joe Pernice (Scud Mountain Boys) play an acoustic set at the Spiegeltent as part of the Sydney Festival line up. A far more mellow and intimate affair which suited me for a Sunday evening.
Norman Blake & Joe Pernice at the Spiegeltent

As I was sitting quite close I could see their hands quite well and got lost in the complexities of their guitar playing.
Norman Blake & Joe Pernice at the Spiegeltent
Then four days later it was back on again with Osaka Monaurail at Sydney Town Hall. A Japanese band that embraces everything about 60s soul funk music and brings it to the people. 

Osaka Monaurail at Sydney Town Hall

Osaka Monaurail at Sydney Town Hall

Osaka Monaurail at Sydney Town Hall

For more sketches from these concerts, please visit my blog here.

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  1. Lovely sketches Meegan! I could almost visualize them playing their tunes right at this very moment. I totally agree that Sydney rocks and there are always fun events and activities held there almost every other month. I have some stuff in a storage unit there and I managed to participate in some of those enjoyable activities myself.