Saturday, January 12, 2013

USK SYD at Pyrmont

130112 USKSYD Union Sq Sketches
Today was the second meeting of the new USK group in Sydney and despite the scary weather forecast of 40C (which was wrong!) we got a great group of 10 sketchers turn up.. a wonderful day of sketching and sharing!

Here are my sketches in detail...(yes, still trying new things and not falling back into my usual style..not sure where I will end up but these sketches were SO much fun today!)
130112 USKSYD Union Sq1a
130112 USKSYD Union Sq2b
130112 USKSYD Union Sq2a

Lunch at Concrete cafe.
130112 USKSYD Luncha
130112 USKSYD Lunchb

And a few photos...
130112 USKSYDJan Sketches
130112 USKSYDJan Union Square1130112 USKSYDJan Union Sq2
130112 USKSYDJan Show and Tell
130112 USKSYDJan Lunch