Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sydney urban art

In the last two days I have seen and sketched some Urban Art I have seen in inner Sydney Sydney

Yesterday there was some "Guerilla Knitting" around a street sign in Harris Street, Pyrmont. I hadn't noticed it at first, and I may have walked past it many times. A  Red knitted pole and two gloves knitted into it ! The guerilla knitting art appears on City Council Streetscape objects  overnight . Technically they are illegal, but the councils leave them up .

Another piece of art to make me smile (and everyone else) is the 5 storey high inflatable duck that sailed into Darling Harbour yesterday for two weeks. It is part of the Sydney Festival of arts, culture, music etc. 60 000 people watched it sail (paddle) in yesterday. I went today when it was quieter.

I was going to stay home and draw feathers and nests today, but how could I when this amazing sight was only 10 minutes walk away ! 


  1. :-)
    Best regards from France,


  2. Hi, Alissa,
    I love that duky and your drawings are excellent!
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Great sketches! I have to agree with you about how amazing the sight at that area can be. It will be a waste to miss it, especially if you are just 10 minutes away. I have a few sketches too of my own but most of them are up in storage because I just downsized my house and many things need to be stored away. Nevertheless, great work and I look forward to more art pieces from you.